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Household appliances and home audio devices cheaper by at least 20% than in local stores in Blackpool.

Posted By: Karl Store owner In: Main category On: Monday, February 1, 2016 Comment: 0 Hit: 1130

The aim of Appliances Blackpool is to provide affordable prices to customers. Appliances Blackpool is a small warehouse located in the center of Blackpool – reduced maintenance costs of the company translates into lower prices of products.

Compare products from the Appliances Blackpool with local competition and save your money today. We have a lot of deals in our offer:

  1. Washing machines from £75

  2. Fridge-freezers from £70

  3. Dryers from £75

  4. Washer-driers from £110

  5. Soundbars with Bluetooth from £15

  6. Headphones with Bluetooth from £20

  7. And many other products, check our current offer


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